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All Rates and Travel Seasons are Posted on the individual webpages of each featured vacation home. These details are provided on those individual webpages.

This form requires you to enter a Credit Card for your deposit. Any outstanding balance is due at Check-In. Please note that some vacation homes feature unique pricing and deposit requirements. If you prefer, you can telephone us with your reservation. To secure any Last Minute or Hot Deal sale rates or promotions we suggest you telephone us in Florida:

USA Phone: 407-932-3683 - 1-800-621-7888
UK Phone: 0871 7115371
International: 001 407 932 3683

At the bottom of this form you will be asked to accept the booking conditions as listed for each featured home. Once you have said yes to these two items you are agreeing to the terms as detailed on this reservation form.

Please allow up to 48 hours for delivery of an email confirmation or 7-to-10 business days for a direct-mail confirmation. All confirmations include maps, arrival instructions and payment options. Final Payment can be made in Cash, Travelers Checks, Credit Cards or Money Order. We do not accept personal checks.

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Early Check-In
$10-$25 Per Hour

Standard Check-In is at 16:00. If you select this option we will notify you of available hours for Early Check-In.

1-4 BEDROOMS = $10 per hour
5-6-7 BEDROOMS = $25 per hour

Late Check-Out
$10-$25 Per Hour

Standard Check-Out is at 10:00. If you select this option we shall notify you of available hours for Late Check-Out.

1-4 BEDROOMS = $10 per hour
5-6-7 BEDROOMS = $25 per hour
AFTER 15:00 Hours Time = 1 Additional Day Rent
Pool Heating: Starts at $30 Per Day
CLICK HERE for Complete Details

(NOTE: Gas pool heating may cost additional as listed on each individual Home Tour)

Pool Heating Notes:
How many days do you want pool heating and are there any special requests you have?
WiFi / Internet: $25 Per Week
Available in MOST vacation homes. Minimum 1 Week Charge (when not available there is no additional charge). Extra Days Pro-Rated.
Unlimited Telephone Long Distance:
$9.95 Per Week

CLICK HERE for details
Baby Crib / Cot:
Good for up to 18 months of age
Minimum 1 Week

Baby High Chair:
Minimum 1 Week
COMBO: Baby Crib and High Chair
Minimum 1 Week
Portable Adult Size: $30 Per Week
Single Bed (Folding)
Minimum 1 Week

Gas BBQ + Tank:
$60 Per Week or $95 for 2 Weeks

Premium Gas BBQ + Tank:
$75 Per Week or $140 for 2 Weeks

CLICK HERE for details

Food Package: $65
CLICK HERE for details
Discount Attraction Tickets: CLICK HERE for details
Express Check-In:
(If Available) $25
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Min. 5 Night Vacations
Express Check-Out:
(If Available) $25
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Min. 5 Night Vacations
Other Special Requests:

Reservation Deposit and Final Payment:
Payment: The Alexander website features prices in USA, Canadian and UK Sterling

RENTAL DEPOSIT: A $300 US Dollar credit card deposit is required to hold any vacation property. This amount is applied towards your final balance which is payable on arrival.

EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY are for vacations during our Christmas / New Years / Easter holiday seasons when the full balance is due one month prior to arrival.

Hot Deal / Super Saver Rates require a $300 Non-Refundable Deposit


Due to current exchange rates please use our American Dollar prices.


Guests from the UK are required to pay in USA dollars based on the international value of the British pound on the day they reserve their vacation. Please note that you are welcome to call or email our office to lock in the final US dollar rate. In your confirmation documents we will inform you of the final USA dollar rate. UK rates are Florida tax inclusive.

NOTE: our credit card machine will only process US dollar amounts.

RENTAL DEPOSIT: When using our UK Sterling Rates you shall supply a $300 USA Dollar rental deposit on a major credit card at the time of reservation. We will calculate the UK Sterling equivalent of $300 USA Dollars. That amount becomes your rental deposit and will be deducted from the final rental amount owed.

EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY are for vacations during our Christmas / New Years / Easter holiday seasons when the full balance is due one month prior to arrival.


NOTE: Diamond Class Homes on our website feature special booking conditions and larger non-refundable deposits. These booking conditions and payments are in addition to normal booking conditions. If you are reserving one of our Diamond Class villas we will match these special booking conditions to the details provided on this form.

We welcome your phone calls to Florida if you require more information regarding credit card deposits.
We welcome your telephoning or emailing us with your credit card number instead of providing this on our Secure Form.

USA Phone: 407-932-3683 - 1-800-621-7888
UK Phone: 0871 7115371
International: 001 407 932 3683

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"I have read and understand the Booking Conditions as posted on the Alexander Web Site. Cancellation conditions are also posted in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the Reservations and Rates section of the website. They are also featured on the top of the Homes Tours List as a working link. I understand that I am responsible to accept any loss of my deposit, should they apply. I can cancel anytime 60 days or more ahead of my arrival date with no more then a $50 per week cancellation fee. Cancellation less then 60 days from Arrival is subject to further penalties that are explained on the FAQ portion of our website. Full payment for Christmas, New years and Easter weeks 30 days ahead of arrival date. I understand that some homes have special booking conditions detailed on their webpage."

Please Note that we strongly suggest Travel Insurance if you are worried about cancellation fees.

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