Oakley Millennium Family Reunion
at the Walt Disney World Resort

December 27th 1999 - Jan 18th 2000


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Disney MGM Studios - December 31st, 1999

(Originally written January 2000)

Our family loves Disney. We are Premium Annual Pass Holders and are at one of the Disney parks at least once per week. We moved to Orlando back in August 1996 after 11 years of vacationing here. We knew in the late 1980’s that there was something magical about living here. Each time we came to Orlando we felt like we were coming home. After each trip we felt sad that we were leaving to go back to North Bay, Ontario, Canada.

The Millennium Celebration started October 1st, 1999. Disney was really quiet but when you live in a town where 60,000+ people work for the same employer you knew there would be lots of hints and rumors. These hints stretched as far back as 1996 so we organized the largest gathering of Montreal Oakley's at our home in Kissimmee for the big Millennium Bash (New Years 1999-2000). It was like moving a small army but thanks to Nanny Oakley, Barry and Faye and all the kids we pulled it off. And what a party we had!


In Preparation:

We wrote to the Oakley Sunglasses company and told them of our family gathering. Without asking for anything in return we graciously received a box full of white t-shirts with the Oakley Company Logo. We later had them printed with "Oakley Millennium Reunion" on them.

To accommodate all the family members we arranged for a vacation home nearby at the "Oak Island" neighborhood. With the vacation home and our own private home we found a place for everyone.

The family drove down in a caravan of 3 vehicles from Montreal (those were the good old days when it was cheaper to drive than fly. Remember then?). They arrived in the early evening at our house thinking it would be the place where they would all be staying. Ha! Luckily the drive to their vacation home was only 3 miles away.



Rumors were flying around that the Disney parks would end up in pandemonium when at the stroke of midnight the power would go out, the crowds would end up revolting and many would perish in the madness. Of course this did not happen. The Power did not go out, communications with the outside world kept on going and there was no pandemonium.


Oakley's Attending (20 in total):

  • Lorraine Oakley / Brian / Shaw (Nanny) and Albert Shaw

  • Barry and Faye Oakley

  • April, Rick, Richard and Adam Devilliers

  • Robin, Frank, Alec and Samantha Raffa

  • Brett, Barbara, Kevin and Justin Oakley

  • Allan, Lorraine, Nicholas and Elliot Oakley

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"It's all her fault"