Walt Disney World Presents
A Taste of California

"Soarin" Opening Day May 5th, 2005 at EPCOT

-3500 Guests including 3000 from the world wide media, they welcomed
us with tray-loads of fine wines and platters of hor's d'ouvres

Sharon Hill, Lorraine Oakley, Evelyn Peyton
from Disney, Bob Hill and Allan Oakley

-Patrick Warburton (the key character for Soarin) introduced the show

-The show starts with a young girl wandering the stage

-Billowing silk (simulated clouds)

-Look high in the sky

-The United States Army Parachute Team "The
Golden Knights" in a rainbow of color

-Warburton welcomes everyone to fly at Soarin

-The ride opens officially at 7:30 PM

-The entire front section of EPCOT became an
eclectic party that celebrates California life

-The movie producer

-The beach patrol


-This lady hung in a hang glider for hours

-The stunt bikers

-The ultimate sand castle carver

-Muscle Beach hunks

-Table upon table of food that included open bars

-The themed areas were Impressions of Coral Reef, Venice Beach, Olivera Street Mexican, Yachtsman's Steakhouse, Ohana and Kona Cafe, Artist's Point and the Hollywood Diner

-The Jammtors

-Cinco du Mayo on Olivera Street

-Live Mariachi band

-The starlets

-Punk Rockers

-The Golden Knights


The Bare Naked Ladies:

-A 90 minutes show from one of Canada's most famous groups

-Their show no sooner concluded and Soaring closes at 10:30 with one of the best fireworks displays in Disney history. 15 minutes of such intense pyro technics your body shook

-The fireworks concluded on a body shaking blast