Internet and / or Wi-Fi connections are provided and subject to service from third party companies. Each and every home on this site is an actual home that is available through Alexander Homes Reservation Service. This service is registered in the State of Florida as Alexander and Associates (AA) and is a legally separate Corporation from Alexander Holiday Homes. AA does not own any of the homes featured on this site. They are the private property of various independent owners and therefore are decorated and have individual features unique to each property. AA does not guarantee that any featured home 100% matches the details provided with each home tour. Each tour is carefully designed to be accurate but individual owners may alter decor or furnishings at will. AA can not legally be held responsible for unknown alterations to vacation homes by owners. AA strives to ensure each tour is up to date and accurate to the best of their abilities. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs allows for minor variances in the offered product as long as the Consumer is not offered less than the same value of accommodation as advertised. AA will never allow a client to receive a substituted accommodation unless problems with the vacation home are found during the transit period of the client and advance warning of the change becomes impossible. Locations with resort facilities including but not limited to resort pool(s), clubhouse, children's parks and security gates are operated by the local governing resort and subject to occasional closings at the discretion of the on-site manager for routine maintenance purposes.